Cavaliers Celebrating 40th Anniversary Season

June 29, 2010

The Eau Claire Cavaliers are celebrating their 40th anniversary season this summer and they hope to bring home a championship after missing out on the title the past three seasons.

Wisconsin State League

The Eau Claire Cavaliers are sitting in third place in the Wisconsin State League, carrying an overall record of 12-8. Challenging for another championships is important to the Cavs, but they also have another honor they can be proud of.

A storied baseball tradition in Eau Claire is adding to its legacy this summer. There’s more for the Eau Claire Cavaliers, though to share than just a jersey. They’re also celebrating the team’s 40th anniversary, a milestone beginning with hose not on the field.

Mark McHorney/E.C. Cavaliers Manager says, “The fact is, we’ve got a board that is so good and helps everybody out. Their love of the game of baseball and of the Cavaliers is deep, and it’s why we’re still in existence today.”

Matt Miller/Cavaliers Second Baseman says, “I love meeting new guys every year, helping them out, teaching them how to play hard. Just leading the younger guys and year after year. 40 years, this is an awesome franchise to be a part of.”

True to form, homegrown talent continues to be the foundation of the Cavs. Out of the team’s 28 players, 16 have ties to Western Wisconsin, sons drawn back home by the camaraderie and the competition.

Ben Sebesta/Cavaliers Infielder/Outfielder says, “It’s a good place to play summer ball. We play 60 games. That’s more than enough for the summertime. It’s honestly one of the funnest teams I’ve ever been a part of. Good group of guys, good group of coaches. We have a lot of fun playing baseball.

Ryan Iverson/Cavaliers Catcher/Outfielder says, “I’ve been playing with a lot of these guys my whole life, coming up in the summertime, so it’s nice to come back and see everybody, especially being away from them in the spring so much. Coming back and playing with them is a lot of fun.”

Like any team, the Cavaliers’ focus is always to be the best, so the perfect anniversary present would be ending a three-year championship drought in the Wisconsin State League. Like any team, the Cavaliers’ focus is always to be the best.

Matt Miller says, “The first year the Cavaliers were in the Wisconsin State League, we were in a three-way tie. Ever since then, Lombard, Lombard, Lombard, Lombard. That’s our biggest goal every year.”

Mark McHorney says, “The goal there is always to finish number one. The goal night to night, game to game is to win every game. They keep score for a reason, so that’s what our objective is.”

Story by: WEAU 13 News
Photo(s) by: WEAU 13 News

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